School-Based Programs Manager

Clarissa Allen

Wheels: a distinctly non-original XO-2 for all things camping and commuting, and a bright purple single speed (one gear, no fear!)

Commute: 9.5 miles from Ballard

Favorite Type of Riding: Trails with friends

Clarissa is an educator, gardener, social rider and butter enthusiast. She thinks that learning to understand deep connections between ourselves and others is a necessary step in fostering stewardship and building an equitable and sustainable future. Her favorite interconnections to explore are the ones in her garden and backcountry places. She's a friend of the forest, and thinks nurse logs are just the coolest.

Clarissa has an undergraduate degree in philosophy, and did grad school the fun way–living, learning and teaching at an outdoor school on Bainbridge Island. She's had the pleasure of fostering stewardship through work with many great Puget Sound organizations: IslandWood, Seattle Tilth, the Pacific Science Center and the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust.

She's totally stoked on providing school-age students with the opportunity to ride bikes (and all the benefits that come with that), and is really happy to be a part of the Cascade team.