Personal Support Vehicles

Driving directions for personal support vehicles (PSVs)

STP riders are well-supported with plenty of food and mechanical support and DO NOT NEED a PSV. Despite this fact, we continue to see an excessive number of PSVs on the cycling route, leading to unsafe and unpleasant riding conditions.

Support Vehicle Etiquette 

  1. Avoid the cycling route at all times.  Only drive the route if you are needing to pick up your rider. Cell phones work well over 90% of the route.  For the other 10% riders can flag down a Goldwing or Support Vehicle in order to get them to a rest stop with cell phone service to call their support driver.
  2. Do not pull your vehicle into official rest stops.  There are 10,000 riders trying to safely navigate these rest stops, only official STP support cars are allowed to pull into these locations.  Please follow the Driving directions and pre-determine meet up spots with your riders. 
  3. Do not eat the food at official rest stops. Please feel free to stop at mini-stops where community groups are selling items to raise money for their organizations.  it is great to give back to them as they graciously host the ride once a year!  The food at official STP Rest Stops are for registered riders only please leave that food for them.  
  4. If your rider calls for support please have them walk to a safe place fully off the road.  It is much easier to pick up a cyclist in a designated lot on the opposite side of bicycle traffic.  Try not to turn right in front of the cyclists route whenever possible.
  5. Give riders three feet and only pass when safe.  STP is a steady stream of cyclists and that is why we ask that you stay on I-5 wherever possible and you do not follow the entire cycling route.

Please see our Ride With GPS route for drivers with suggested meet up points.  Written directions to meet up points.