Organizational Development & HR Director

Robbie Phillips

Wheels: Commuting triumverate: Salsa Casseroll, Salsa La Raza, and a Bianchi Axis rigged as a singlespeed. Mountain and cyclocross bikes also hold a special place in both heart and basement.

Commute: Dealer’s choice, either 9 flat or 7 hilly miles from Ballard.

Favorite ride: Any ride that includes pastry stops, and any ride where the wheels are touching dirt.

Robbie rode her bike all the time as a kid growing up in Spokane: trips to the swimming pool, dirt jumping in the park, and family rides around the neighborhood. She rediscovered that sense of freedom and play more than a decade later when she moved to Seattle, and took to biking both on pavement and dirt. Now, whether mountain biking, racing cyclocross, commuting to work or touring, Robbie is all about sharing the joy she feels on two wheels with others.

Robbie brings a passion for collaboration and relationships to her work, and is excited about helping people feel more comfortable riding their bikes, and influencing policy and infrastructure that will make it easier for everyone. When not riding, she can be found walking her dog, eating tacos or enjoying a pint of beer.