Membership & Development Coordinator

Daniel Poppe

Wheels: Skykomish

Commute: 7 miles each way from Fremont

Favorite Ride: Westbound on Ship Canal to the Ballard Locks, up to Discovery Park and down Magnolia when the sun is shining and Rainier towers over the city.

About Daniel: Daniel grew up in the bike- and runner-friendly Eugene, Oregon. As a teenager, he was politically active and interested in volunteerism. These interests remained a big part of Daniel’s life after he left home to attend the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. There, he studied Political Science and became active in the local environmental efforts. While commuting to campus by bike in the freezing rain, Daniel learned the value of good waterproof gear.

After graduating from UBC, Daniel joined the U.S. Peace Corps and was sent to China to teach English at the Xingyi University for Minorities. While in China, he took a week-long ride from Haikou to Sanya along the coast of Hainan. Biking by day and camping by night, Daniel developed a deep love for the long-distance bike trip. Two years in China reinforced Daniel’s desire to help protect the environment and so, after moving to Seattle, he began volunteering with the Washington Environmental Council. It was not long after that Daniel was hired on as Cascade’s Development Coordinator and bought Skykomish, the best bike of them all.

Daniel is passionate about the environment, getting out in nature and the Pacific Northwest.