Mount St. Helens to Johnston Ridge Observatory

If you are a  strong rider looking for a challenging ride, we've got one for you this weekend. Join us  Saturday, Aug. 3,  for an 85- mile, 7000' adventure to the Johnston Ridge Observatory along the Spirit Lake Highway.

The beautiful mountain that leveled a thousand trees: St. Helens.

Mount St. Helens may have erupted 33 years ago, but the recovery is still going on.  The eruption in 1980 was the most destructive and deadliest volcanic event in U.S. history and lowered the mountain by some 1,300 feet in elevation.  On this ride, you will get close up views of the destruction that took place as well as the stunning scenery present now.

This will be a strenuous  ride with periodic regroups.  There is no water or restroom at the start, so riders may want to stop at a rest stop before getting off the freeway.  There are, however, visitor centers along the route so bathroom and water fill-ups will be available during the ride.  Those attending this ride must be able be self sufficient for repairs as the ride will be in a remote area with limited cell coverage.

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