Lopez Island: Flat, scenic, bike-friendly and packed with charm

Guest blogger: James Coliz

This Saturday, July 20, Bruce Zunser will lead his once-a-year epic ride around Lopez Island.  Catch the 9:35 a.m. ferry from Anacortes with Bruce and his crew for a day of sights, delights, and stress-free cruising on this picturesque island.

Bicycling Magazine calls the 35-mile Lopez route the Best Ride in Washington State.  Why?  Perhaps because it's "the mellowest, the most agricultural, and most hippie of Washington’s achingly beautiful San Juan Islands."  Or perhaps because it boasts all the great scenery of the other islands without the hills of Orcas or the traffic of San Juan.  Flat, scenic, relaxed, bike-friendly and packed with charm--what's not to love?

Bring a bike lock and a camera to capitalize on the great vistas which are not directly on the route.  Shark Reef Sanctuary, on the west side of the island, rewards you for a short 10-minute forest hike with amazing views and wildlife watching.  Watch the seals frolic on the rocks below, scan the waters for a pod of whales, bring your bird-watching field guide or just soak up the whole experience.  On the east side, Spencer Spit State Park beckons you to hike out to on the spit and dip a toe in the Puget Sound waters.

"I've led this ride many times once a summer.  Many people tell me this was the most enjoyable ride that they had been on ever," said Bruce.

For more details, and instructions on how to contact Bruce for more questions, please visit the Daily Rides listing for this ride.

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