BizCycle certifies Corpore Sano Physical Therapy

“As we are a bicycling related business, supporting bicycling helps support business growth,” - Erik Moen

Erik Moen (center) and colleagues at the May 2013 Bike to Work Breakfast

Corpore Sano is an orthopedic and sports physical therapy clinic that specializes in bike fit, physical therapy for injury recovery, and sports performance evaluation and improvement located in Kenmore. The clinic also became a BizCycle business last May, earning 28 out of 50 possible credits for Silver level certification. Moen’s perspective on business support of bicycling fuels the small workplace’s bike culture and commitment to encouraging employees to bicycle as well as the surrounding community.

Currently, the five-person office has a 20 percent commute rate and Moen has set a goal to raise that rate by an additional bicyclist to 30 percent. Some of the biggest challenges to reaching that goal are finding reliable bike commute route to the office and employees with families needing to transport children. While the clinic didn’t make any changes prior to completing the application for BizCycle certification, according to Moen, certification helped start the conversation of how Corpore Sano can improve. “The process helped us to think about what we should include in our future growth plans...The BizCycle process creates ‘plug and play’ suggestions for the inclusion of bicycling to the business,” he explained.

While the office has some work ahead to increase bicycling internally, Corpore Sano PT supports bicycling throughout the region with sponsorship of several cycling teams and leagues, as well as Cascade. Moen sits on the Kenmore City Task Force to provide input on bicycle planning projects. “The process did make us think about how we can better represent ourselves to the public in supporting bicycling,” Moen stated.

That’s exactly the kind of statement we want to hear from a BizCycle workplace as the program aims to both recognize businesses exhibiting bike-friendly best practices and to encourage business leadership in improving the regional bicycle network for people of all ages and abilities to ride to where they need to go. A warm congratulations to Corpore Sano Physical Therapy on BizCycle certification and keep up the excellent work!

Does your employer or business support bicycling? BizCycle is a 50-credit certification system that rates workplaces on bike-friendly best practices with award levels at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Contact to learn more or visit our website to get started.

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