2013 Commute Challenge presented by Adobe a record-breaking success!

The May Commute Challenge presented by Adobe was a smashing success, and by smashing I mean that participants smashed records in just about all possible categories. Over 14,893 people everywhere from Washington state to Washington, D.C. logged their bike commute trips on the Commute Challenge website and challenged themselves and others to ride as much as possible during the month of May. That's 22 percent more than 2012!

The Fremont Bike Counter recorded 108,000 bikes in May, breaking the previous monthly record by 36,000 riders. In just 31 days, riders logged 1.7 million miles (equivalent to taking 1700 cars off the road for a month) and offset 1.6 million pounds -or 86,000 gallons of gasoline worth- of carbon emissions. Over 1800 team captains from more than 1000 organizations led the charge to get more folks on bikes and inspired over 3,400 newbies to try bike commuting for the first time. With a little peer encouragement and support during National Bike Month, thousands of people discovered or rediscovered the most convenient, economical, healthiest and most enjoyable way to get around town. Way to go! Hopefully, many of you will continue riding throughout the summer and throughout the year. Remember, every time you commute by bike you help strengthen the case for bicycling improvements and safer streets for everyone. 

Now, on to the final standings and big winners!


From small shops to big behemoths, employers got competitive this year.  Here are the leaders. 

Most Complete Teams in an Organization

1st place: University of Washington (103 teams)

2nd place: Seattle Children’s (82 teams)

Most Riders in an Organization

1st place: University of Washington (975 riders)

2nd place: Seattle Children's (682 riders)

3rd place: The Boeing Company (468 riders)

Most NEW riders in an organization

1st place: Seattle Children's (235 riders)

2nd place: University of Washington (183 riders)

3rd place: Expedia, Inc (108 riders)

Most Miles in an Organization

1st place: University of Washington (98,090 miles)

2nd place: The Boeing Company (95,592 miles)

3rd place: Seattle Children’s (74,210 miles)


The competition was fierce (but friendly) among teams this year.

Commute Rate for a Team

1st place (tie): One spoke over the line (Seattle Children’s)(100%)

1st place (tie): Late to commuting (Jet City Label) 

(100%) 1st place (tie): SpokeN 4 (Seattle Children’s)(100%)

1st place (tie): Super Team (Radiant Senior Living) (100%)

1st place (tie): Montlake Bicycle Shop (100%)

2nd place: Seattle Center Derailleurs (City of Seattle) (99%)

3rd place: Markov’s (bike) chain (University of Washington) (97.4%)

Most Trips for a Team

1st place: I’m too sexy for my rain pants (University of Washington) (221 trips)

2nd place: Montlake Bicycle Shop (219 trips)

3rd place: Markov’s (bike) chain (University ofWashington) (218 trips)

Most trips per rider (Average)

1st place: Super Team (Radiant Senior Living) (24 trips/rider)

2nd place: I’m too sexy for my rain pants (University of Washington) (22.1 trips/rider)

3rdplace: Late to Commuting (Jet City Label) (22 trips/rider)

Most Miles for a Team

1st place: Sterna Paradisaea (Boeing) (6,774 miles)

2nd place: F5 High-Fivers (F5 Networks, Inc) (5,283 miles)

3rd place: Has Beens/Have Nevers (Conglomerate) (5,233 miles)

Most miles per rider (Average)

1st place: Super Team (Radiant Senior Living)(1124 miles/rider)

2nd place: Sterna Paradisea (Boeing) (677 miles/rider)

3rdplace: Gregg’s Bellevue West (Gregg’s Bellevue Cycle) (663 miles/rider)

Most new commuters on a team

8 newbies: Traffic No Factor (U.S. Navy), Traffic Dodgers (U.S. Navy), KM BI Pedalers (Seattle Children's)

7 newbies: Cycletastic (Seattle Children's), Jill's Thrills Good Luck Daredevils (GGN, Ltd), Hill Yes! (King County), Expedition Peddlers (TCS and Starquest Communications),  Cyclistas RF (Razorfish), Geo Joes (Google), Roxhill Riders (Seattle Public Schools), Saturday Bike Fever (Swedish Medical Center)  


Out of over 14,000 riders, these individuals stood out with their truly impressive feats. Tip your helmet to those folks when you see them on your commute.

Most Trips Overall

1st place (tie): Jim Troy (Cyclotrons, Boeing) (31 trips)

1st place (tie): Bryan Sanchez (REI Issaquah Riders, REI) (31 trips)

1st place (tie): Dave Schweiger (U.S. Navy) (31 trips)

2nd place: Ricky Lyman (I'm too sexy for my rain pants, UW) (30.5 trips)

3rd place : Kyle Kinney (I'm too sexy for my rain pants, UW) (30 trips)

Most Miles Overall

1st place: Paul Fredericks  (Super Team, Radiant Senior Living) (1,631 miles)

2nd place: Alan Landmann (Folie de Velo, Boeing) (1,370 miles)

3rd place Jabez House (4 Raggedy Riders, Gregg's Alderwood Cycle) (1,306 miles)

Most Miles Among New Commuters

1st place: Jason Hansen (Velo-Raptors, Boeing) (838 miles)

2nd place: Scott Bareither (Paladino and Co. Bike Crew) (785 miles)

3rd place: Sharath Viswanathan (Windows Phone-Dark, Microsoft) (780 miles)

Most Trips Among New Commuters

1st place: Bryan Sanchez (REI Isaaquah Riders, REI) (31 trips)

2nd place: Debbie Gallo (Traffic No Factor, U.S. Navy) (26 trips)

3rd place: Rok Teasley (Peace Corps-Midwest) (25 trips)  

We hope you had fun during the contest. Thanks to all who participated!