Come celebrate the new West Seattle bike counter!

Join our Cascade Bicycle Ambassadors, West Seattle Bike Connections, SDOT and others on Monday, July 1, as we celebrate Seattle’s second bike counter.

                                                                      Courtesy of SDOT

Located on the South Spokane Street swing bridge, the new bike counter began operating on Thursday, June 20.

The South Spokane Street bridge is one of the busiest bicycling locations in South Seattle as it is part of a key bicycling route that connects West Seattle with downtown.

Similar to Seattle’s first bike counter located along the Fremont bridge, the counter features a totem that displays the daily number of bicyclists that have crossed the bridge as well as a running total for the year.

According to the Seattle Department of Transportation, the totem serves as “a visual reminder to cyclists that their contribution to protecting the environment, reducing traffic congestion, and promoting healthy life styles is being counted.”

The new counter is an important addition to SDOT’s data collection program and will allow improved measurements of the city’s progress toward getting more people to travel by bike and to help determine what additional bike infrastructure would be most beneficial.

As with the Fremont counter, the Spokane Street Eco-Totem is a gift to the City of Seattle from Cascade Bicycle Club with funding from the Mark and Susan Torrance Foundation to cover installation costs and the first year of operations.

Data from the new bike counter will soon be available on SDOT’s bike counter webpage. 

The celebration will take place Monday, July 1, at the new bike counter, along the east approach to South Spokane Street swing bridge, from 4 - 6 p.m.