Meet Patty Newman: 2013 New Captain of the Year

Anyone who rides on a team in the Commute Challenge knows that team captains make the contest fun, inspiring, and special for many first-time and long-dormant bike commuters by recruiting and motivating coworkers and friends to ride all month long. Cascade recognizes captains who go the extra mile to share the joy of bicycling with their teammates and we are proud to award Patty Newman, team captain of 'What the Flood' with the 2013 New Captain of the Year award.

Patty Newman, a.k.a Captain Planet, picked up bike commuting only recently during this year's Commute Challenge presented by Adobe, but she has already made waves among her coworkers at King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks. Not only is she a brand-new bike commuter, she's also a new team captain and new employee at King County DNRP.

As any team captain knows, rallying coworkers to ride all month long takes some gusto, especially if you're new to a work group but according to her teammate Carly, "that hasn't stopped her from being the spirit of Bike Month this year!"

Patty enthusiastically took the helm of 'What the Flood' and made Bike Month a fun experience for her teammates. "

"She has brought so much energy to our team with weekly inspiring emails and has planned an award ceremony for us next week! She even took the whole team out for lunch!" he coworker said.

Thanks for being a role model for all captains and new bike commuters out there, Patty!

And thanks to all riders and team captains for making the year's Challenge so inspiring and fun. Remember, every month can be Bike Month with two wheels, a spark of enthusiasm and a little comaraderie. Happy riding!