In case of a disaster, bicycles can save the Emerald City

Imagine a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hitting the Seattle Fault:  Freeway overpasses crumble, a Lake Washington sieche (oscillating wave) takes chunks out of bridges. While motor vehicles are rendered useless, Sandy Relief taught us that residents with bikes and trailers or cargo bikes are able to transport food and medical supplies.

Seattle's first Disaster Relief Trials, sponsored by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and part of the Bicycle Urbanism Symposium, will take place this Friday, June 21, from 3-7 p.m. throughout the University of Washington campus and surrounding neighborhoods. And you're invited to be part of it!

The Disaster Relief Trials allow ordinary citizens to experience how people on bicycles can used for emergency preparedness in responding to potential disaster scenarios. “Cargo Bikers” will haul heavy loads over challenging courses. “Civilian Bikers” will complete the course without loads and learn emergency preparedness at stations set up throughout the UW campus.

On the ground support for the Disaster Relief Trials comes from Seattle Office of Emergency Management, American Red Cross FAST vehicle, Seattle Police Department Community Police Officers, Seattle Public Utilities, UW Transportation Office, UW Bicycle Urbanism Symposium, G&O Family Cyclery, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and Cascade Bicycle Club.

The main event will take place from 3 till 7 p.m. with an after-party to follow from 7-9 p.m. at  UW Gould Hall.

Space is limited! There are 30 cargo-hauling spots for $30 (all proceeds to benefit non-profit Familybike Seattle) and 30 FREE spots for regular people on bikes who will learn and perform critical emergency tasks at each checkpoint.

Resister here.


Disaster Relief Trials
Friday, June 21 3PM start time
UW Gould Hall 3949 15th Ave NE
Visit the  event website or Facebook page for more information.

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Anne-Marije Rook