SRTS: Olympic Hills

How and why does the chicken cross the road? Safely and to get to school of course!

As part of our Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) grant work, Olympic Hills Elementary School has been helping Camina, the Feet First chicken safely get to school on time.  Camina has become quite the celebrity!  Every week she gets to walk with a different walking school bus to learn safe, new routes to school.

Helping Camina avoid a puddle.

Feet First and Cascade and  began "Two Feet Tuesdays" at Olympic Hills on May 7, with three Walking School Buses, all coming from different directions.  Two Feet Tuesdays encourage students (and their parents/guardians) to try walking or riding to school once a week.

Caitlin Callaghan, Safe Routes to School Event Coordinator at Feet First, created walking routes for each group and celebrates every time a kid walks/rides to school by punching their punch card and awarding them a foot token.  Olympic Hills will continue Two Feet Tuesdays until May 28.

Olympic Hills "frequent walker" punch card.

The SRTS grant at Olympic Hills, is a federally funded program aiming to improve the safety of kids biking and walking to school, encourage healthier kids and support more bike and walk-friendly communities.