Timbuk2 to open a BizCycle-certified retail location in downtown Seattle

Welcome the Timbuk2 crew to Seattle and check out the BizCycle certified location at a grand opening celebration on Saturday, May 4 from noon until 8 p.m. on 7th Ave. and Pine.


Bicycle bag company Timbuk2 is opening a new retail location in downtown Seattle on Saturday, May 4.  And the San Francisco-based company is coming to the Seattle bicycling scene not just as a bicycle-friendly retailer but as a bicycle-friendly workplace.

Timbuk2’s first out-of-the-Bay-area retail location applied for BizCycle certification to recognize the company’s commitment to enhancing the Emerald City bicycle culture even before the retailer had a fully hired staff and operational place of business. We like where their priorities lie! All of Timbuk2’s hard work to certify the new Seattle location  paid off: the store earned 30 out of 50 possible credits for Silver level certification.

Although their enthusiasm to be included in our first round of applicants cost Timbuk2 a few credits that hinge upon existing operations, the store’s yet-to-open status uniquely positioned Timbuk2 to shape employee programs and shop policies with the BizCycle credit list and Best Practices Guide in mind.  From minor changes like including bike commuting resources in new employee hiring packets and placing a “How to Put Your Bike on the Bus” poster in the bathroom, to plans to partner with local hotels and hospitality businesses to become a cycling hub for staff, Timbuk2 used BizCycle’s resources to help inform how they could encourage and support bicycling at their new retail location and beyond.

Plenty of bicycle parking outside of Timbuk2's new store as part of the retailer's efforts to be bicycle-friendly to both staff and customers. More reason to take your bike out shopping with you! Photo courtesy of Timbuk2.

What else is in the works? Timbuk2 Seattle will offer a free, first come, first served bike share program for anyone in need of a pedal. While BizCycle has encountered other local workplaces that have common bikes available for midday transportation, Timbuk2’s program offering a free bike borrowing service from 10 minutes to all day trips is the first no cost public bike sharing system in the area, and as such, earned the store a BizCycle Infrastructure Innovation credit.

Join the Timbuk2 crew at a grand opening celebration on Saturday, May 4 from noon until 8 p.m. at  1532 7th Avenue. Hear about Timbuk2’s BizCycle prowess as they release the details of their bike share program, and be sure to check out the store's newly installed indoor and outdoor bicycle parking options.

Oh, and in addition to bike parking best practices, Timbuk2 promises a D.J., photobooth, refreshments (frosty adult beverages at 6 p.m.), giveaways and “plenty of high fives” all day long.

High five right back at you, Timbuk2! Congratulations on BizCycle Silver and welcome to Seattle!

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