Sound Transit to increase secure bicycle parking

The Mt. Baker Link Station currently has covered short-term bicycle parking indicated by the circle. The star indicates the proposed location for the ten new bicycle lockers at the north end of the station. 

Sound Transit is installing a bike cage at the Beacon Hill Station.

It will open next year with twenty-four spaces, but the cage will eventually hold 48 bikes. The metal mesh cage will be covered, internally illuminated, monitored by video and accessible by either a key or key pad.

The Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway is accessible just behind the proposed bike cage location at S Lander Street and 18th Avenue, and connects from the I-90 trail to Jefferson Park and into Georgetown.

The addition of secure bicycle parking at Beacon Hill is one step further to providing seamless connections where people of all ages and abilities can safely and conveniently travel by bike.

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Ryann L Child