A better world for our children?

It’s a simple question. If we do this, will it create a better world for our children?

Let's invest in a better world for our children.

As parents, Stacy and I ask this simple question when we make our big decisions. Where we live. Where we work. What we eat. Where we play. How we get around.

If you have kids, you know exactly what I mean. If you don’t have kids, I bet you still understand what I am talking about.

Next week our representatives in Olympia will introduce a multi-billion dollar package of transportation investments. When I see their proposal, I’ll ask one simple question: Will it create a better world for our children? 

Will it make it safer for our kids to bike and walk to school? Will it make it easier for hard-working families to bike, walk or take transit to work, school, shops, restaurants, and places of worship? Will it focus on fixing our existing roads while making them safer for everybody?   

For too long big corporations that profit from building highways have successfully pushed a roads-only approach. Well-heeled highway lobbyists have convinced politicians to spend most of our money on costly new highways instead of focusing on fixing the roads we already have and providing families with more options to get around. 

They’ve rigged the system and made our cities less livable for working families and less safe for kids. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Cascade Bicycle Club is working with the Transportation for Washington campaign, a coalition of more than 200 elected leaders and organizations representing social justice, housing, faith, health, environment, labor, and business communities, to push for transportation investments that provide all Washingtonians with the opportunity to get to where they need to go.

We have a plan that will make our neighborhood streets safer for our kids, invest in fixing our existing roads before we build new ones we don’t need and can’t afford, and provide everyone with the freedom to bike, walk or take transit to get around.  

But we can’t expect our representatives to do the right thing because we hand them a plan.  They’ve got lots of people handing them plans, including highway lobbyists. Your legislators will only do the right thing if they hear from thousands of people like you.

Join thousands of your friends and neighbors and tell your legislators to make the transportation revenue package invest in a better world for our children>>