CHEW on this! New Eastside Hill Training Ride Debuts

Guest Blogger:  Mary Remoaldo

Join ride leader Alan Miller for the launch of an East side hill training series this winter.  Climbing Hills -Eastside Wintertime (CHEW) will introduce you to the many hills on the East side and help prepare you for strong riding throughout your season.  Alan will lead a steady-paced group, and he’s teaming up with several other ride leaders to also offer moderate- and brisk-paced groups on the same route.

CHEW kicks off this Sunday, Jan. 13at 9:30 a.m. from Marymoor Park's East Parking Lot. Expect a 30-mile ride with approximately 2500 feet of elevation gain along Sahalee, Ames Lake Road, Union Hill Road and Education Hill.  Cue sheets will be available.

Please see Cascade's Daily Rides calendar for important info and details about this ride.

Looking for more riding opportunities?  All Cascade free daily rides are published online.  Everyone is welcome, but if you’re new, please read through our information for newcomers and parents.