Join us for the Saint Lucia Festival of Bike Lights

It’s awfully dark out there on our morning and evening commutes, and while we’re just days away from the winter solstice, we still have a couple more months of dark commutes ahead of us.

What do you look like to other road users?

Are you properly outfitted with lights and reflectors? Have you ever wondered what you look like to fellow road users while riding or walking in the dark?

Come light up the night with us on Bainbridge Island for a Saint Lucia-themed night safety awareness event this weekend.

Kicking off on Thursday, Dec. 13, the event, initiated by GO! Bainbridge and co-sponsored by Squeaky Wheels, the Non-Motorized Transportation Advisory Committee and several Island shops, is meant to equip cyclists and walkers with proper gear, and inform motorists.

In the dark early morning and evening hours on Thursday, women on the Island will be dressed as Saint Lucia, wearing white gowns and crowns of lights as they hand out lights, reflectors and information at popular destinations.

Meanwhile public schools will be informing students and parents about night-time visibility, and several Winslow shops will offer lights and reflective gear at discounted prices.

Then on Saturday evening, Cascade Bicycle Club will be at BI Cycle hosting a free safety clinic for bicyclists and walkers of all ages to heighten visibility. We’ll evaluate your lights, reflectors and clothing, and show you what you look like to other road users.

We’ll be at BI Cycle, 124 Bjune Dr., between from 5 until 7 p.m. There will be treats and hot drink for attendees and make sure to dress for the weather.  Walkers and bike riders welcome.

“See” you there!