2 Mile Challenge raises $8,078 for the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation

CLIF Bar made the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation (CBCEF) its September beneficiary of the CLIF Bar 2 Mile Challenge, resulting in a donation of $8,078.

Just how much CLIF Bar would donate depended on how many bike trips people on bikes throughout Seattle, Washington, and the nation logged during the month of September. For every bike trip logged, the CLIF Bar 2 Mile Challenge donated $1 to CBCEF.

We are happy to report that 8,078 bike trips were tallied for a total of 76,383 miles spent in the saddle. By opting to bike instead of drive, a 70,272lbs of CO2 was saved, which is the equivalent of taking six cars off the road for an entire year!

Additionally, by logging your trips this past month, you were helping kids and adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to start riding bikes to in their communities.

As the non-profit beneficiary this September, the CBCEF is at the forefront of making the greater Puget Sound region better for bikes. The CBCEF is hard at work on many levels, from teaching kids safe riding skills to supporting adults as they choose to bike, to encouraging businesses to be bike-friendly, to helping city governments design communities that make it easier to walk and bike.

CLIF Bar meanwhile started the 2 Mile Challenge six years ago, urging people to rethink their daily transportation and discover the fun and freedom of the bike.

CLIF Bar has a long-standing commitment to the bike community, and believes that bikes provide access to adventure and are vehicles for positive change across the country. The 2 Mile Challenge™ is a simple way to encourage people to get on the bike, share their passion with other riders and help spark a cycling movement in hopes of supporting bike friendly communities of the future.

CLIF has been a longtime Cascade event sponsor, and we’re please to receive their support through the 2 Mile Challenge.

Thanks to CLIF Bar for choosing us as the September beneficiary, and THANK YOU for biking and logging your miles!