Have you seen this bike?

We are sad to report that last night, one of our staff member’s road bike was stolen.

Elliott’s bike, a Giant TCR Alliance, was locked with a Kryptonite 4-combo cable lock to a Thule car rack in the U District when it got stolen.

Elliott had come out to refill the parking meter and when he returned a mere 10 minutes later, both the rack and bike were gone.

Elliott has filed a police report and is now spreading the word in hopes of finding his beloved TCR.  Please let us know if you see his bike.

The stolen bike is a large 2009 Giant TCR Alliance 1 with celeste green bar tape and a WBR sticker on the downtube near the crank .


- What to do when your bike gets stolen:

1.) Know that it is possible to get your bike back.

2.) Report it to the police a.s.a.p. Having a serial number helps but even if you don't have one, file a report with the most detailed description as possible.

3.) Check with your renter’s, homeowner's  or auto insurance to see if this kind of theft is covered

4.) Post, post, post. Report the bike theft and a description of the stolen item to the bicycling community via social media, BikeWise and by calling the local bike and pawn shops.

5.) Peruse Craigslist and Ebay

- Two things everyone who owns a bike they care about should do:

1.) Write down the serial numbers of your bicycles

2.) Get insured. Renter's insurance is super cheap and totally worth it.

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Anne-Marije Rook