Earth Day: A perfect reason to get back on your bicycle

When it comes to trying something new, many of us need that extra little nudge to get going. New Year's Day, for example, is a good marking point for change. I think Earth Day can be the same thing: a chance to take moment to reflect on how our lifestyles impact the planet.

If you have been thinking "I should really start bicycling," Earth Day (Sunday, April 22) is the perfect day to start. There are many reasons to start bicycling: health, saving money and that is fun. But right now I am going to focus on the environmental reason for riding a bike. You save approximately 1 lb of CO2 per mile on your bike. Forty percent of trips in the United States are two miles or less, and, of those, 90 percent are made by car. Make your commitment on Earth Day to make three of those trips by bike. You will be helping our planet, and you might discover how fun it is and keep riding.

Need another little push?

Cascade Bicycle Ambassadors will be out at numerous community events leading up Earth Day and beyond. The Ambassadors are experts on how to get started if you have been off your bike for awhile. Say hi at one of the events below.

Need another push?

We have classes and rides that help you take that next step.

My commitment for Earth Day is to ride with my fiance to work at least three times per month, from now through September.