The new Tukwila Station will save us all

Have you ever been to the current Tukwila Sounder Station? Then you know how important it is for Sound Transit to open a new permanent station in the near future.

The current Tukwila Station. Photo: Sound Transit

Luckily, that’s exactly what they are planning on doing. And they want to hear from bicycle riders about how to make it best for us.

Sound Transit invites bicyclists who use the current Tukwila Station or plan to use the new station to attend an open house on Tuesday, March 13 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the current station at 7301 Longacres Way (South 158th St).

The new Tukwila Station will open in 2014 and will include bicycle racks, lockers and a storage cage. Sound Transit is asking for your feedback about how you plan to access the station, what types of bicycle parking you prefer, and what you think about the station design from a bicycling perspective. They've asked; let's let them know.

The planned Tukwila Station, opening in 2014. Image: Sound Transit

But let’s also talk for a moment about the location of the station. Without a doubt, it provides important connections for people arriving at the station by bike or continuing their trip on two wheels after a train ride.

From the Tukwila Station, bicycle riders can access cities to the south via the Interurban Trail, including Kent, Auburn and Pacific. It also provides connections north (and south) via the Green River Trail and into Seattle. Which means one can then link to the I-90 Trail to Mercer Island and the Eastside. And from there, the possibilities are endless!

What I am trying to say is that the Tukwila Station isn't just an important hub for commuters using Sounder or Amtrak, but it’s also a great place to use as a starting or ending point for an epic recreational ride. Imagine taking the Sounder for a few bucks to Auburn and working your way back up to Seattle on a beautiful separated trail. Sounds like a day off to me!

So come to the open house on Tuesday and get your comments in about how the new Tukwila Station can best serve you as a bicycle rider. It’s going to be increasingly important over the years that Sound Transit’s regional transit facilities make it easy and safe to hop on and off buses and trains with a bike – regardless of whether we’re doing it for fun or because that’s just how we roll to work.