RSVP lotteries close on Friday at midnight

If you've ridden the RSVP -- Ride from Seattle to Vancouver, BC and Party! -- with us in previous years, you know what a great event it is. The event has proven to be wildly popular, selling out its 1,400 spots faster and faster over the years, to the point that it was selling out within hours. And last year... well, let's just say the RSVP demand on our event registration system brought the whole thing down.

Out of the calamity of "server meltdown 2011", RSVP2 was born. And to smooth out the registration process and make it more fair to riders clamoring to get on the ride, we moved to a lottery system.

RSVP lotteries have been open since Jan. 11. This Friday, Jan. 27 at midnight, they are closing.

As we expected, the first RSVP event, on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 17 - 18, is close to full. But RSVP 2 is still wide-open, with plenty of space available. The ride offers the same scenic route, expert support crews and festive finish line party that you've seen on previous RSVP rides. The only difference is that riders depart from the start line on Saturday morning, one day later than RSVP 1 riders -- which means that if you work Monday through Friday, you can save a vacation day!

Though we can't guarantee that entering the lottery will score you a registration for either event, your chances at this point are very good.

If you've already entered one or both of the lotteries, tell your friends! And if you haven't, what are you waiting for? Enter the lottery now. Detailed instructions can be found here. If it doesn't matter to you which event, we suggest entering both lotteries. If RSVP1 gets filled before your name is pulled, you'll still be in the drawing for RSVP2. There's nothing to lose by try.

Lottery entrants whose names are drawn will receive an email with registration instructions on Monday, Jan. 30. They will then have two weeks to register for the event. If there are still open spots, registration will open to the public in late February.

You can read more about the 2012 event registration process here. If you have questions, please email

Event registration fees support Cascade programs that make our streets safer for bicyclists and encourage people across the Puget Sound region to ride bikes for transportation, fitness and fun. Thanks for your support!