Commuter spotlight: practice bus bike racks

Here’s a nifty tool for commuters in North Seattle: a demo bus bike rack at North Seattle Community College. New and would-be bus-bike commuters can practice loading and unloading their bikes on this practice rack without the pressure of performing quickly and correctly on an in-service bus. A practice session can help avoid stress and grumbles for commuters and Metro operators alike.

“Metro wishes to thank the staff at North Seattle Community College and Cascade Bicycle Club for coordinating the placement of this practice rack and encouraging the combining of bikes and buses.” Eileen Kadish, King County Metro

Other demo racks are available in several locations around Seattle and Bellevue to encourage multi-modal transportation options around the region. In addition, this informative demonstration video from King County Metro teaches users how to properly load and unload bike on the bus. (Worth watching for the background music alone!)

Cascade Bicycle Club was pleased to help forge a successful collaboration between North Seattle Community College and King County Metro to support both biking and busing.  From left, Toni Bajado and David Bittenbender (NSCC), Kim Martin (King County Metro) and Stephanie Frans (Cascade Bicycle Club).

Even seasoned bicyclists like NSCC Director of HR David Bittenbender can benefit from a little practice. Here, Metro’s Kim Martin (an avid cyclist himself) shows David the ropes.