Attention south-Seattleites! Your multi-modal commute just got easier

Photo credit: Rainier Valley Post

You may know this feeling. You leave a restaurant (or a bar, or a coffee shop, or your office). You scan the surrounding intersections. You locate the closest bike rack. And your bike’s not on it.

Panic sets in for a few seconds. It’s been stolen! Your U-lock failed you, or a clever thief unbolted the rack. Either way, the bike is gone.

And then you realize that you parked it down the block.


Even if you don’t relate, leaving your bike parked on a rack probably causes you some anxiety. And leaving it parked all day in the rain at the light rail station while you’re toiling away at work? I might be speaking only for myself here, but it’d be more than I could handle. Plus, no one likes a wet saddle.

Luckily, Sound Transit has you covered. They’ve opened new secure lockers for up to 46 bikes at the new bike plaza at Columbia City Station. Lockers are available at the Othello and Rainier Beach stations, too.

The plaza was built in partnership with the federal government, which, according to Sound Transit, paid more than 85 percent of the cost. Since Link opened in 2009, they’ve added space for 125 additional bicycles at Link stations, and they’re looking to add even more in transit facilities throughout the region.

Want to sign up? Here's the fine print: The bike lockers are rented on an annual basis for $50 plus a refundable one-time $50 key deposit. For more information on bike locker availability and to sign up visit or call 1-888-889-6368.

To sweeten the deal, they’re even offering a special Bicycle Commuter Welcome Kit to new locker renters in the Rainer Valley that includes an ORCA card loaded with $10 to help get you started. But hurry -- it's a limited-time offer.

The new lockers in Columbia City lockers complement recent City of Seattle projects which striped new bike lanes on South Columbian Way from Beacon Hill to the station.

Which means that all you reluctant bike-rail commuters are out of excuses. We'll see you at the station!