Generous donor pledges $50 for every Major Taylor Project kid who finishes the #BikeSTP!

©Timothy Aguero Photography 2009 All Rights Reserved

John Henderschedt, longtime supporter of the Major Taylor Project made a commitment yesterday to give $50 to the Project for every kid who crosses the finish line at this weekend's 200-mile Group Health STP. Learn more about the extraordinary kids from the Major Taylor Project here.

The Major Taylor Project is made possible through the support of people like John -- and you!

If you’d like to join John in making a tax-deductible donation for every Major Taylor kid who makes it to Portland (we expect 25 this year), please send me an email:  Put “MTP STP pledge” in the subject line and enter the amount you’d like to pledge per kid in the body of the email.  After the STP we’ll send you a pledge reminder with the number of kids who crossed the finish line.

Thanks for your support!