Major Taylor takes on Ballard

Last Saturday, June 4, two groups of Major Taylor teens biked up the the Ballard Criterium. We had fourteen students come out in all, from three of our locations, the teens from Global Connections and the YES Foundation biked together from White Center and the ones from Chief Sealth biked from West Seattle. Thankfully Saturday was  a beautiful day and the kids got to see Mt. Rainier, the Olympics, downtown Seattle, as well as the Ballard Locks.

Once in Ballard, the goal was simply to hang out, enjoy the neighborhood, and especially watch the Twilight Criterium. It was a great way to introduce the kids to some cycling culture while getting them ready for STP on the side. We watched Ed Ewing, Major Taylor Project Director, race, and all the kids were amazed that that meant riding at top speed (in a small circle) for 50 minutes. We even had time to have a picnic dinner of pizza during his race.

Cheering for the race.

Eating pizza during the race.

After all the cheering was over, the kids piled into the vans and headed home. The next challenge is Flying Wheels tomorrow. See you there!