The contest "At work" -- stories and photos #ghcc

We had a tough time choosing the winner this week in our Group Health Commute Challenge Video, Photo and Story contest. We had so many stunning (and sometimes amusing) photo contributions and delightful stories, too. The job of the judges, however, is to choose, and having done so, we announce one first-place winner and two honorable mentions on the theme At work.

**First, though, next week’s theme is Have fun and ride in style. Deadline is noon, Wednesday, June 1.

And now, the winners. First place goes to Charlie Redell of Office Nomads!

Photo by Daya

Our team of elite judges liked this photo so much because not only does it fit the week's theme so well, but it also hits on something close to Cascade's heart: community.

The photo shows two Group Health Commute Challenge teams from Office Nomads on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Are you familiar with Office Nomads? The words on the sandwich board in the photo say it all: Shared office space for the independent worker.

Office Nomads provides workplace community for people who might otherwise work in isolation at home or in the anonymity of a coffee shop. And these nomads are creating even more community through bicycling, which is what Cascade's mission is all about.

Love it!

Our two honorable mentions are stories. One story profiles a workplace in Redmond that offers secure bike parking but requires creative sink showering. The other story follows one individual's commute and includes a really cute picture of a dog.

Honorable mention #1

Submitted by Marv Schimdt of the Six-City Shakers at Minarik and Kaman.

At the Minarik branch in Redmond, when bikers come in through the back warehouse door in the morning, people already in the office can hear the door opening and can sometimes hear a bike or footstep noise, but they can’t see back there, so they take bets on who’s coming in. This makes for a fun little morning activity.

Bicycle commuters here don’t have to park their bikes outside. We have a small room set aside for them. The problem that bikers with more vigorous rides do face when they come in is that we have no shower. They have to just clean up the best they can in front of the sink. This sometimes makes for interesting meetings around here!

Honorable mention #2

Submitted by Jo Repanich of team Doggles Riding Shotgun at Seattle Children's Research Institute.

On my first ride as a commuting cyclist to Seattle Children’s Research Institute downtown I was interviewed by The Seattle Times. The reporter had the same name as one of our employees so I just assumed it was a Seattle Children’s article, and I would be a part of it. A week later I got off the bus – noticed the paper for that day in a stand and there I was on the front cover of the Seattle Times!

I went from a new commuter to Captain of a bike team three years running.  Today I’m happy to report I’m still using the same route but with modifications of a more experienced rider and with a new KHS bike that finally fits my 5’11” frame. I wanted to enjoy my workouts so I start on Alki and do sprint workouts and then catch the 6:45 water taxi and stretch out while I’m looking at the beautiful Olympics and West Seattle. My trip to work takes me thru Pike’s Market and I stroll over the old streets to Virginia Street where I glide in to work at our new space in the West 8 Gold LEED. Our biking community is strong and we get wonderful support from our Commuter Services department at the hospital. We are given Orca cards, a stipend for commuting on bike/bus and shower/locker facilities along with bike cages to help keep our “cars” safe. My bike team has grown and two of my teammates branched out to be Captains themselves this year: L shaped Doggles and Doggles III. The Group Health Challenge brought together my co-workers from different departments as we share stories from our rides in to work.