Win prizes for your Bike Month videos, photos and stories #ghcc

Photo by John Mauro

In just a couple of days, it will be May, THE month for cycling in Seattle and beyond. Springtime weather and programs like the Group Health Commute Challenge coax thousands of cyclists onto the roads, where they join year-round riders in an extraordinary swell of biking enthusiasm. Excited?

With so many cyclists on the roads, we know the atmosphere will be thick with stories and images that illustrate the joy and freedom of riding a bike.

That’s why we’re unveiling the...

2011 Group Health Commute Challenge Video, Photo and Story Contest!

(How’s that for a mouthful?)

Here’s how it works:

(1) Each week has a theme. The first theme, for example, is Getting Started.

(2) We announce a new theme each Wednesday, for a total of five weeks. Feel free to interpret the theme however you’d like, within the bounds of decency, of course, and always with bicycles in mind.

(3) Inspired by the theme, you shoot a short video, take a photo or write a little story.

(4) You send us your work:

(5) For each theme, you have until noon the following Wednesday to submit. First deadline is noon, May 4.

(6) Our elite panel of judges reviews each week’s submissions and selects the top entry, which we’ll spotlight in a forthcoming issue of Crosstown Traffic, the official email newsletter of the Group Health Commute Challenge.

(7) At the end of the contest, we select overall first, second and third place winners, all of whom get a PRIZE—something really nifty donated by one of Bike Month’s generous sponsors—plus recognition at an awards ceremony during the June 7 Pyramid Party that’ll bring Bike Month and the Commute Challenge to a close.

There it is. Now go forth and film, shoot or scribble! We want to see the magic of Bike Month captured in your stories and pictures. All you have to do is get started….