Big push needed for Vulnerable User Bill

First, there is great news for the Vulnerable User Bill in Olympia. The bill has bipartisan support. Victims and their family members made clear in two moving hearings how and why they want to hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions. Now the full House or Senate must vote on the bill before a looming deadline at the end of the month. You can send a message to your legislators and help make it happen.

Click the image for full video of the most recent Vulnerable User Bill hearing (beginning at 48 minutes).

Right now, the Vulnerable User Bill is right where it "died" last year. In February 2010, a very similar bill awaited a vote in the full Senate but legislators did not feel enough positive pressure to vote on the bill. Like so many potential laws, the SB 5838, last year's Vulnerable User Bill, sat on a list of bills for consideration but missed a deadline for passage in the "house of origin."

In 2011, we have bills ready in both the House and Senate and at least double the chance of making the Vulnerable User Bill into a law -- but the clock can still run out without your help!

Please click here to send a message to your state  representatives and senator. Encourage them to support the Vulnerable User Bill when they meet in caucus and bring it for a floor vote. Let's get this done!

To learn more, here are some resources: