The RSVP lottery

RSVP2 is coming, and if you want a chance to ride it, read on.

A quick recap:

RSVP2 will take place the same weekend as RSVP, but will depart a day later. Riders on RSVP2 will depart from Seattle for Bellingham on Saturday, Aug. 6 and arrive for the party in Vancouver on Sunday, Aug. 7. The rider limit will be 1,400 riders, identical to RSVP. This route will be the same. The road support services will be the same. These measures will ensure that the event flavor will be the same as well.

The registration process, however, will be remarkably different. For 2011, registrations for RSVP2 will be offered only to Cascade members on a lottery basis.


  1. Only current members may enter the RSVP2 lottery.
  2. You must have an account on the online registration system to participate. Set your account up at any time.
  3. Your name, email and current Cascade membership number are required when signing up for the lottery.
  4. You can only sign up for the lottery once.
  5. We will offer a “group” lottery entry for two to six Cascade members under one lottery ticket. For each person listed you will need to provide their first name, last name and member number. If that one ticket is drawn then all six members will be allowed to register. This is to ensure your whole group is either all in or all out.
  6. Individuals may sign up for the lottery, but you cannot be in a group lottery entry and an individual lottery entry simultaneously.
  7. The lottery registration will open on Feb. 9 and close on Feb. 23.
  8. It does not matter when you sign up for the lottery during that time period. It’s not necessary to sign up on the first day as the lottery draw will be randomly generated by a computer.
  9. There is no cost to participate in the lottery.
  10. Lottery winners will be notified via email with instructions on how to register.
  11. If you register, but decide not to ride, you can return your registration for a refund, per our refund policy. Registrations are not transferrable, but are refundable until 30 days prior to the event.

Lottery open date: Wednesday, Feb. 9

Lottery close date: Wednesday, Feb. 23

The lottery draw will take place after Feb. 23, and we will notify winners via email. Registration will open on March 1 for lottery winners. There is no rush to register on March 1, since lottery winners will have exclusive access to the event registration.

The lottery form will be available starting on Feb. 9 on the Cascade event pages. We'll post an update here next week as a reminder.

Hope to see you in Vancouver this August!