Tired of talk? Demand action!

We co-founded the Streets For All Seattle campaign because the people of Seattle want transportation choices that make sense for our city and vibrant neighborhoods, and that are safe and accessible for everyone. Seattle’s elected officials have spoken out for world-class pedestrian, bicycle and transit infrastructure, but so far, they have failed to match the talk with action.

Right now, Seattle City Council has a golden opportunity to align their words with their actions, and take the vital next step towards funding a transportation system that works for our future. The proposed 2011 – 2012 City budget includes a modest increase in funding for pedestrians, bicycling and transit. The City Council will decide this weekend whether or not to protect this critical funding.

Please email the City Council and voice your support
for funding for pedestrians, bicycles and transit!

The City Council says they share our goals. They have taken some positive steps in the right direction, but unless the Council approves the proposed new revenue, funding for pedestrian and bicycling improvements will decrease by 25% from last year’s already woefully inadequate amount. The Council is also poised to renege on a promise to replace funding for pedestrian and bicycling improvements that they stripped from the budget last year. They appear content to use Tim Eyman-style government and have voters decide whether or not we should fund our core priorities.

A ballot measure to fund pedestrian, bicycle and transit improvements is a great idea, and if crafted correctly, it would have our strong support. If, however, the Council is serious about aligning our transportation investments with the values and priorities of our citizens, then NOW is the time for action.

You stood with us at the budget hearings; now, help put us over the top: email the City Council and tell them you support funding for feet, bikes and transit in the budget!