Why Become Bike-Friendly?

The Business Case for Becoming a Bike-Friendly Business

Wondering what's in it for your organization? Read further for the top reasons organizations across the region are certifying as bike-friendly businesses to both recognize and improve their bicycle commuting programs.

Why should your organization seek certification?

Increasing bicycling makes business sense.

Bicycle commuters are healthier, happier and more productive employees. Bicyclists have lower rates of absenteeism and make 14% fewer health insurance claims. Furthermore, many businesses are finding that bicycle facilities, programming and incentive policies represent pennies on the dollar compared to expanding parking capacity at a work site.

Rating and assessment by your local experts and an action plan you can follow

Credits not earned in either the self-assessment or in your final certification score create a clear and detailed "to-do" list for how your organization can improve to more effectively feed the benefits of bicycling to your business.

Recognition feels great

Does your workplace boast an impressive bicycle commuting program? Bike-friendly business certification recognizes the great work that businesses across the region are doing to encourage bicycling. Workplaces are using certification as a means to promote that work both internally among employees interested in bicycling, as well as externally to better compete with peer organizations, attract customers and recruit highly-desirable creative class talent that values walkable, bikeable places to live, work and play, and transportation choices beyond driving.

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