Tech Manager

Tim O'Connor

On staff since: 2013

Wheels: Noisy $70 Craigslist Schwinn Road Bike and Flashy Red RRB Custom

Commute: 8 miles from Carkeek Park

Favorite ride: Lake Washington Boulevard

Tim is a native Alaskan who also grew up in Hawaii, Florida and Washington. Those different landscapes shaped his eclectic taste for jumping BMX bikes, equipped with front and back pegs for friends to ride, and mountain biking on gravel roads and tundra. It wasn’t until Tim moved to Seattle eight years ago to attend UW Business School that he discovered his love for speed on a rickety ole’ $70 road bike. Tim’s interest in cycling became serious when he discovered the STP and immediately signed up five years ago. While riding solo his first year he quickly convinced his friends to join and it’s been a favorite summer tradition with friends ever since!

Before Cascade, Tim ran his own construction business and then worked seven years for a local Seattle startup as their IT and Marketing Manager. He is an avid volunteer who supports small businesses through UW’s BEDC and Washington CASH’s consulting programs. His other interests include home remodeling, technology, traveling, soccer, home brewing, camping, sky diving, bungee jumping, water sports, and any excuse to preserve and celebrate life in the glorious PNW!