Seattle Bicycle Master Plan


The Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) is a shared vision for how we can make our neighborhoods safe and more comfortable for people who want to ride a bike.

Seattle adopted its first Bicycle Master Plan in 1972, mainly focused on developing trails along railroad corridors. A follow-up BMP, the 2007 Seattle Bicycle Master Plan intended to define a set of actions --to be completed within 10 years-- to make Seattle's transportation system more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. 

The 2013 update, initiated in 2012, goes a long way towards realizing that compelling vision by incorporating new designs, such as neighborhood greenways and protected, separated bikeways that create low-stress connections for the 60% of Seattleites who want to bike more often, as well as those who already bike regularly.

The update provides a process for future investments in infrastructure and educational programs to improve conditions for people who want to ride a bike.  These investments create more choices for how people get around and create more livable, people-oriented neighborhoods.  The 2013 draft update incorporates new cutting edge bike infrastructure, such as protected, separated bike lanes and neighborhood greenways, which have been changing rapidly over the last five years. The plan also includes equity, livability and connectivity to the existing ridership and safety goals. 


Cascade works to support the Bicycle Master Plan in multiple ways.  

  • We work in partnership with the city to offer technical planning and policy guidance to ensure that accommodations for people who wish to bike are safe, useful and comfortable for all ages and abilities.  
  • We educate elected officials on the value of a strong, forward looking bicycle master plan.
  • We provide community activists tools and support to successfully engage in the planning process and we work directly with neighborhoods to get them involved in the vision for a more livable, bikable city.


Principal Planner
Jeff Aken

Seattle Bike Network Map