Major Rides Registration FAQ


Where can I find my membership number and expiration date?

You can find them on your membership card and on the label of your Cascade Courier. You may also log into your online account. (NOTE: Each family member in a household has their own separate and unique number, and they are all listed after logging into your online account.)

Do I need my membership number to register for major rides?

No, you do not need to provide your membership number when registering for major rides. Signing in to the system with your account userid and password will link to your account information for verification that you are a member. 

Can my friends who are not Cascade members register for events in January?

Encourage your friends to join Cascade! Only current Cascade members are allowed to register for Cascade events during January. Members-only registration is one of the ways we thank our members for supporting our work. More information about the benefits of membership is available here.

Can I register my friends for an event?

No, you can’t.  However, if you have a family membership, you can register anyone listed in your household for an event. If you have an individual membership, you’ll be able to register minors who aren’t members after registration is open to non-members; but you won’t be able to register another adult. Registration is by individuals, not groups.   

What is household and how many people can join?

Households include two adults and any minor dependents living at the same address.

How can I add family members to my individual membership so that we can all register in January?

You can upgrade your individual membership to a family membership online after you create your Cascade account.

Is everyone in my family covered under the same membership number?

No.  Each person in your household has a unique membership number - and you will need each number when registering for the lottery events.  Please login to your online account to confirm that all your family members are listed on your household.

I’m not a member, but I want to join to participate in members-only registration. When should I join to guarantee that I receive my member number by early January?

If joining online, memberships are instantaneous. Joining online immediately generates your member number in your profile in your online account. If joining by mail, we recommend mailing your membership form by mid-December as it may take up to 10 days to receive your member number in the mail. 

If purchasing a family membership online, make sure to add additional household members while purchasing the family membership. You can acquire the additional household member number(s) in your profile in your online account.

For all events you will be able to purchase a membership when you register.

What happens if I try to register, but I am not a member?

You won't be able to register unless your membership is current (or you purchase a membership when you register).

When can non-members register for events?

See the key registration dates online here.