Ride classifications

All rides are listed according to guidelines that include pace, distance, terrain, etc.


The pace classification refers to the range of speeds on level ground without breaks. Downhills may be faster, uphills slower.

  • Easy: Under 10 mph       
  • Leisurely: 10-12 mph
  • Steady: 12-14 mph
  • Moderate: 14-16 mph
  • Brisk: 16-18 mph
  • Vigorous: 18- 20 mph
  • Strenuous: 20-22 mph
  • Super Strenuous: 22+ mph

Note: for rides described as HILLY, consider choosing a pace one step down from your usual comfort level


These descriptions should be considered in the context of the pace and length of the ride.

  • Mostly flat: trails and/or mostly flat roads with a possible gentle upgrade.
  • Rolling: climbs are short and easy, not too numerous.
  • Some hills: a few short, steep hills, some moderate upgrades and/or longer gentle climbs.
  • Hilly: many true hills but none outrageous.
  • Extremely hilly: steep and long climbs with grades >9% and/or mountain passes.
  • Unlimited: "out of category"; only for those very sure of their ability to climb any grade, any length at the advertised pace.
  • Off road: significant unpaved sections.


Whether or not a map or cue sheet is provided.


Indicates how often the leader stops to regroup. Generally faster-paced and longer-mileage rides regroup less frequently. "None" and "occasional" regroup categories generally expect experienced riders who can fix their own minor mechanical problems and follow a map or cue sheet if they get separated from the group.

  • None
  • Occasional
  • Frequent
  • Stay-together


Indicates whether or not certain weather conditions cancel the ride

  • Showers cancel
  • Steady rain cancels
  • Ice/snow cancels
  • No rain cancellation... We ride!


All riders are expected to carry the equipment necessary to fix a flat (tube, patchkit, pump). Ride leaders are not responsible for mechanical problems.