Volunteers are the very foundation of the Cascade Bicycle Club. Depending on your interests, skills, or availability, we have a way for you to get involved! With the mission of “improving lives through bicycling,” volunteers are the direct link between Cascade’s work and community integration.

Cascade began as a volunteer-run organization in 1970. Seventeen years later we hired our first education program director. Today we have over 1,800 active volunteers - approximately 50 volunteers to every one staff member. Volunteers continue to be the heart, soul and backbone of the Cascade Bicycle Club.

Volunteer today and become part of a positive change in the world around you.

Here's just one example of our volunteers in action, moving us from our old offices into the new Cascade Bicycling Center.


Whether you’re interested in advocating for safer streets or you have a few free hours to help us prepare for events, we welcome your help!

>>Email the Volunteer Coordinator to learn more<<