Longest continues elevation gain around the area


Not sure if the title makes sense, but I am training for Ironman Lake Tahoe and I want to find a hill where I can just climb for a couple of miles or have a gain of 1000 feet or more. 

I am new to the area(Bothell) but I will be happy to drive one hour or two for such a ride.



Hurricane Ridge Port Angeles to the top, Highway 410 to Mt. Rainier, climb Mt. Baker from various starting points, climb Mt. St. Helens, and when the wildfires stop, climb Highway 2 to Stevens Pass.

A couple in the suburbs that come to mind:

Cougar Mtn: via Cougar Mtn Rd or Village Park Drive will be the most elevation gain ~900ft.

Issaquah Highlands from Sunset to the last mega-mansion is about 800ft.

In the Snoqualmie Valley, look for Lake Alice road near Fall City and Lake Margaret near Duvall. Both will be around 700ft.

Good luck on the IM.