Looking for a pace group for the STP 1-day

Isn't it always better to ride in a group to help keep everyone motivated and on target? Two of my friends bailed and I'm left to find my own team. I ride at a fairly moderate-to-aggressive pace, and intend to complete the STP in 1-day. We can also do several training sessions prior just to get our timing down and make sure we're a good fit. Just let me know. Thanks!!

Submitted by jim werner on

it would be if it were a race.  by riding alone and just depending on the adrenein of the event shows what you are made of.  if you have to depend on drafting well i guess you aren't as fit as you you'd like to be.

Submitted by jcjob on

Jim...   I would think some/many might find pushing yourself in a pack at a higher speed more enjoyable and more productive.  Every pace line I have been in, I work harder than I would riding alone and I go faster than if I rode alone.

Greg Lemond said recently...  "the better shape you are doesn't make the suffering any less.. you just go faster."

Submitted by glennh on

What part of town are you in?  I live in the north end, Shoreline and my three guys just bailed on me too.  Drop me a line and we can talk about it.  I did the one day last year and averaged 15.4mph.  ghinri823@msn.com



I've had several folks bail, due to illness, injury, etc.  I'm looking for a group that can maintain a high brisk/low strenuous pace for the 1-day ride.  I live in Seattle.  You can reply via the forum or email me direct at gwilliams54@hotmail.com.