Membership Manager

Alan Van Vlack  |  (206) 522-7517

Wheels: Raleigh Cadent  &  Bianchi Virata

Commute: 7 miles one way

Favorite ride: Van Buren Bay along Lake Erie, near Dunkirk, NY

Alan was born and raised in Hudson, Ohio. He attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio earning a BS in Accountancy. During his undergrad, he spent a semester studying in Luxembourg and travelling throughout Europe. After graduation, he moved to Seoul, South Korea to teach English Kindergarten for a year where he found his students' eagerness to learn inspiring and developed his love of the outdoors. Climbing and hiking the picturesque mountains throughout the country, it would have been difficult not to fall in love. Upon returning home, he was drawn to Seattle because of the availability of bicycle commuting and "climb-ability" of the surrounding mountains. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, running, hiking, reading, and playing with technology.