Major Taylor Project Assistant

Matthew Metcalf

Wheels: ’81 Fuji rain bike, Raleigh Sojourn for touring, All City Macho Man CX, Brian Spitz custom road

Commute: Everywhere! My car-free days never end!

Matthew is a 24-year-old foodie with a love for all things human and a passion for education. His fascination with human beings was increased and fulfilled by completing a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at the University of Washington. School led him into a year-long position as a GED instructor and poetry teacher at the King County Jail. There he learned, among many other things, that education would always be a huge part of his life.

He was introduced to bicycles at the age of four, but did not encounter the full potential of two-wheeled transportation until he was 17. He took a chance at riding across Marysville, his home town, to his retail job. Having arrived swiftly and safely, he realized what was possible with only a bike and a little ambition. Matthew has been exploring those possibilities ever since, bike-touring as often as possible and working a spell as a bike mechanic.

He is thrilled to be sharing his love of bikes and love of learning with South Seattle youth as a member of the Major Taylor Project.