Major Taylor Project Assistant

Liz Johnson

Wheels: Raleigh Ravenio 3.0

Commute: 7 miles from the Central District

Favorite Ride: Southbound on Lake Washington Boulevard, on a blustery-but-clear fall weekday, post-morning-rush-hour, with Mt. Rainier dominating the horizon

Liz learned to ride a bike what feels like forever-ago. Growing up, she was one of a group of neighborhood kids who delighted in tearing through Bellingham’s woods, narrowly avoiding collisions with old people walking their dogs, and scraping each joint thoroughly enough that the scars are still visible nearly two decades later. She rode her orange Trek, Klaus, to Bellingham High School, where it was safe enough to leave him unlocked, and eventually to UW, where his cable lock was snipped but Liz found and reclaimed him 2 months later.

Eventually and begrudgingly Liz traded Klaus for a faster ride. The old Specialized road bike she found for $200 was older than she was and equipped with friction shifters that she nearly killed herself learning to use. Completing her BA in Philosophy and wrapping up at UW a couple years later meant forfeiting her all-access metro pass. Liz couldn’t afford $5 a day to transport herself! so she started bike commuting in earnest. A year-and-a-half later she can climb even the steepest of Seattle’s hills, she has three centuries under her belt and she owns enough high-viz spandex to last a lifetime. Biking is fun, hooray