Intro to Bike Commuting

Riding around town on two wheels

Want to know more about what it takes to commute by bicycle? Feel like you’re ready to try it, but need a few pointers?

We’ll provide an overview of how to equip your bike and outfit yourself, how to carry gear and how to make sure you’re visible and arrive at your destination ready for action. Intro to Bike Commuting offers more commuter-specific topics than Urban Cycling Techniques, so if you’re already a commuter or want to start bike commuting, this is the class for you. Presentation only, no bicycle needed to attend.

Topics include:

  • safe bicycle operations in traffic (traffic laws, lane positioning)
  • strategies for carrying items (work clothes, books, groceries)
  • foul weather and night riding
  • using bike racks on buses
  • minor bicycle repairs
  • route choice
  • lock-up strategies

Class length: One two-hour session
Class size: min 5, max 15

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