Chilly Hilly FAQs

Q:  Is there a rider limit? Will the event sell out?
A:  No, there is not a rider limit and there will be day of event registration at the start line.  However, you can save money and time by pre-registering, and packets are mailed to those who pre-register sufficiently in advance (see the Registration page for specific dates).

Q: How hilly is the ride?
A: Over the 33-mile ride you will climb a total of 2,700 feet. Most of the climbs are short but you are going up and down over most of the route. 

Q: What if I can not make it the entire 33 miles?
A: On the route map there is a short cut listed at mile mark 19.3, this cuts off 10 miles (23 miles total).
Q: Do I have to pay to come back on the ferry?
A: No, eastbound ferry passengers and bikes ride free.
Q: Are the roads closed to vehicle traffic?
A: No, the roads are open to vehicle traffic; so, you must obey all the rules of the road:  stop at stop signs and ride no more than two abreast.
Q: Where does my entry fee go?
A: The Chilly Hilly is a fundraiser for Cascade Bicycle Club, Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation.  Many Bainbridge Island charity groups use this event to raise funds for their local programs. 
Q: Are there 'Bike Only' Ferries this year?
A: No bike only ferries were available this year for charter from the Washington State Ferry system. Your Chilly Hilly registration includes the ferry fee for specified sailings only. You must have your Chilly Hilly bib number visible to board the ferry.  Click here for specified sailings.
Q: Where is the start line for the ride?
A: If you are starting on the Seattle side, the ride starts when you get off the ferry. From the Bainbridge Island side, the ride starts on Winslow Way at the end of the ferry off loading ramp.
Q: Do both riders on a tandem need to register for the ride?
A: Yes, for services and liability reasons both riders must each complete and sign a registration form.
Q: Do I need a ferry ticket to get to Bainbridge Island?
A: If you are a Seattle side registered rider, your bib number is your ticket for the ferry times that support the ride.
Q: Do I have to belong to the Cascade Bicycle Club to go on this ride?
A: No, but you receive a member discount on the entry fee if you are a member. Join during registration and you'll receive the discount immediately.
Q: Where is the best place to park on the Seattle side? How much does it cost?
A: There is plenty of street parking, pay lots, and garages (don't drive in with a bike on your roof!) Near packet pick-up or the ferry terminal.  Costs vary.  City street parking is free on Sundays.  Read signs carefully!

Q: Where is the best place to park on the Bainbridge Island side? How much does it cost?
A: Street parking on Bainbridge Island is free, but time limits vary by location.
Q: If I have a flat or other mechanical problems will there be someone to help me?
A: We will have mechanics on the route in set locations to assist riders.
Q: Can I get a refund if I can’t use my Chilly Hilly registration?
A: Refunds are available per our event refund policy. 
Q: Why is there a Cascade Bicycle Club "member’s only" registration period in January?
A: This is just another added benefit for being a Cascade Bicycle Club member. You can become a member or renew your membership at the same time that you are registering for the event.
Q: Does Cascade offer any services to help me train?
A:  Cascade’s Free Group Rides program offers a variety of rides almost every day of the year.  

For general information on events and rides
Cascade Bicycle Club front desk
206-522-BIKE (2453)
Chilly Hilly registration