Want to help...and squeeze in for free on the "guest list"? It takes the help of more than 200 wonderful volunteers to produce the Seattle Bike Expo. You can sign up for one of many different positions by visiting the event website at www.cascade.org/expo. All volunteers receive a complimentary T-shirt plus free admission on both days. It’s a great way to help Cascade, meet new friends and get a “backstage pass” to the show!

Unless specified below, the shift hours available are:

Saturday, 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Sunday, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Volunteer positions:

Cashier/Cascade Event Registration – Accept payments and provide information on Cascade Club events, rides, and membership. Previous experience working with cash, credit cards, vouchers, and checks required. Knowledge of events and membership services recommended, but training is available. This is a great way to interact with a wide variety of bicyclists who sign up for our great rides.

Cashier – Accept payment for entry into Bike Expo. Previous experience working with cash required. 

Greeter/Door Monitor – Stand inside of entrance doors and greet guests as they enter Expo. Your job is to greet our guests, hand out programs, and monitor the door (must make sure no one "sneaks in" the door without a paying). This is a fun position because you get to be the first one to welcome our guests, put them in a happy mood, and let them know we’re glad they came. Teams of four per shift will be drafted from our list. We will also need all shifts covered on Friday before show opens for the “Vendor load-in day”. 

Kids' Bike Zone – Facilitate children's activities (games, art table, learn to ride) by assisting and encouraging children's participation. Assist with visitor questions and safety.

Logistics – Help set-up and take down the event (including signage and many other chores), as well as taking care of miscellaneous duties as needed during the event. This is a fun job for the "can-do" type of person who will help to ensure that expo runs smoothly. Most available shift hours are before and after the event, but especially on Friday when most help is required.

Control and Information Facilitators – Assists in traffic and crowd control at the entrance to the building. Direct traffic flow in front of the building entrance and direct people on where to park.Involves working outside in an unsheltered area. Dress warm!  

Photo Contest – Greet guests, hand out ballots, and encourage guests to vote on photos. Act as security to ensure photos are not touched or taken away during show. This is a fun position because you get to look at all the cool photos and spend time talking to our guests about their views on the photos. 

Show Office – Assist Show Office Staff with checking vendors in/out throughout show (including Friday). This is a fun position because you get to personally meet and help vendors checking in (and sometimes you are the first to get any freebies the vendors may be giving away). Volunteers who are assigned the first shift of each day must report in 1 hour earlier than posted on sign up sheet. All shifts are also available for the “Vendor load-in day” on Friday. 

Stage Monitors – Help with a short presentation before each speaker to welcome visitors, provide sponsor credits, and then give an introduction to the speaker. Scripts for each presentation will be provided. Stage monitor will coordinate with speaker and ensure that the stage is prepared. A new second stage Adrenaline Zone will need to be monitored this year, all weekend. 

Stage Crew – To assist in the assembly and disassembly of show productions, mover furniture and miscellaneous equipment for the performance stage. Need to able to respond quickly to instruction and be able to lift 40 lbs. 

Test Ride Crew – Check guests in, and check out bikes for those who wish to test ride equipment. In this fun position you get to see and touch all the latest equipment and you get to assist others in having some fun with the new stuff. 

Volunteer at Large – Generally, “Volunteers at Large” are those who fill in when a volunteer does not report at their assigned time for various reasons. Volunteers at Large may also relieve other volunteers at their stations for mini breaks if they need one. Basically, Volunteers at Large must be willing to do and go wherever and whenever they are needed (including but not limited to running to the store for extra cream cheese, or ice, or whatever!) This is a fun position for those who are willing to expect the unexpected. Friday shifts are also available!

Volunteers Office – Assist the Volunteer Coordinator with checking volunteers in, help maintain the volunteer refreshment table, and perform various other duties in the volunteer room. This is a fun position because you will be welcoming and providing information to volunteers as they start and end their shifts, and then you will enjoy the relative quiet between shifts. NOTE: Volunteers assigned the first shift of each day must report in 1 hour earlier than is posted on sign up sheet. Friday shifts are also available.

Safety Crossing Guard – Primary responsibility is to ensure that cyclist and pedestrians cross the street safely. Those volunteering to earn a Group Health STP or RSVP registration will earn double the hours.  Shifts are 3 hours long. Dress warmly!

Trail Guide to Expo – Help direct cyclists and pedestrians along the trail to the event. Those volunteering to earn a Group Health STP or RSVP registration will earn double the hours.  Shifts are 3 hours long. Dress warmly!

Elevator Operator – Our elevator operator will help with the transport of vendors between the ground level floor and the 2nd floor during the load in and load out of the event. Duties include pushing the buttons, assist while loading freight into the elevator, see that the elevator safety pads are in place and supply information about booth locations. 

Note: Some positions will require pre-approval from the Volunteer Coordinator, as some experience is required.

Volunteer Coordinator