Bike Month Challenge

Take the Bike Month Challenge

Contest dates: May 1-31, 2015
Registration will open April 1st.

Challenge yourself and others to ride as much as possibly during May in this fun, free trip-tracking contest. To participate, you need only to start or join a team, commute at least four days throughout the month and track your trips online. It's simple and fun! You can ride solo or form a team of coworkers, friends or neighbors and log your commute trips on the user-friendly Bike Month Challenge website. Invite a friend to join your team and help a newbie get started biking. You could be the one who makes them fall in love with two-wheeled transportation.

We hope you will ride with us in the 2015 Bike Month Challenge.

Why participate in the Challenge?

If bicycle commuting is new to you, this is a great program to get you started. The workplace teams are a great source of information and inspiration to keep you riding throughout the month. For seasoned commuters, it's all about the challenge and cameraderie with fellow riders. Challenge yourself to recruit new riders, challenge your workmates to ride more, and challenge other local businesses to out-ride you this spring.

The Bike Month Challenge offers some great features:

  • Tracking bike trips online is easy, inspiring and fun!
  • Simple registration process and trip-logging tool
  • Team captains get a free T-shirt and party at the Captains Bash April 29!
  • All riders get a free souvenir
  • Compete for prizes (and bragging rights)
  • Fun weekly social media contests


2013 Commute Challenge results

The 2013 Commute Challenge was a smashing success, and by smashing we mean that participants smashed records in almost all categories! 14,892 people everywhere from Washington state to Washington, D.C. logged their bike commute trips on our Commute Challenge website while challenging themselves and others to ride as much as possible during the month of May. That’s 22 percent more than 2012!

The Fremont Bike Counter recorded 108,000 bike trips in May, breaking the previous monthly record by 36,000 riders.

In just 31 days, riders logged 1.7 million miles (equivalent to taking 1700 cars off the road for a month) and offset 1.6 million pounds -or 86,000 gallons of gasoline worth- of carbon emissions.

Over 1,800 team captains from more than 1,000 organizations led the charge to get more folks on bikes and inspired over 3,400 newbies to try bike commuting for the first time. With a little peer encouragement and support during National Bike Month, thousands of people discovered or rediscovered the most convenient, economical, healthiest and most enjoyable way to get around town. Way to go!