Education Program Coordinator

Khatsini Simani

Wheels: Sport Sirrus, Specialized road bike

Commute: 8 miles from First Hill

Things I enjoy: biking, reading, dancing, writing, taking pictures, taking things apart, improvised cooking, knitting, giving high fives, meeting new people


Growing up in Rainier Valley, my bike was a free pass to explore the world outside of my neighborhood. My favorite memories are summer nights biking along Lake Washington Boulevard on my father’s hand-me-down until the street lights came on. Biking gives me joy and makes me feel a whole lot freer (and faster). It’s how I connect with the environment, stay active and curious. I love encouraging others to try cycling and share in the joy that costs so little and gives back more than one can imagine! I am honored and ecstatic to work with Cascade’s Education Department to introduce safe cycling practices to tomorrow’s leaders. Helping youth to learn the benefits of cycling is the best way I know to give forward.

Career path

I transitioned to the Program Coordinator position from being a Bicycle Ambassador with Cascade. As an ambassador, one goal of mine was to become a more confident on-the-road commuter. I am happy to say that my confidence level while riding has since sky-rocketed. Now I commute via bike and bus nearly every day, and I can’t help but encourage others to do the same. I recommend the Urban Cycling Techniques class if you are nervous about riding on the road and want to safely conquer your fears.

I grew up in Seattle and found my roots early on in the creative arts communities and in youth programs like FEEST Seattle and ArtsCorps, which work to provide platforms for youth voices and youth artwork. After attending college in Oakland for a year, I returned home to work with youth as an AmeriCorps in High Point, West Seattle. During this time I returned to frequent cycling. My interest in transportation led me to work at Alta Planning + Design where I taught pedestrian safety in Seattle Public schools as a part of a Safe Routes to School grant, and encouraged employers and community members  to bus, bike and walk instead of driving alone. I’d love to see more people of all ages and backgrounds benefiting from cycling and am happy to continue this important work here at Cascade.