Major Taylor Project Spinathon 2014 : Pay for registration or make a donation

Use the form below to make your gift to the Major Taylor Project Spinathon. Whether you plan to spin yourself ($40 per hour minimum donation), are sponsoring a friend or student spinner, or are making a donation to the Major Taylor Project, please use the form below.  We'll use the information you gave us on the previous page to attribute your gift to the appropriate rider.

The Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Tax ID# 91-2165219.

Questions concerning the event or registration? Contact Major Taylor Project Assistant, Liz Johnson at or (206)957-6960

Questions concerning the Major Taylor Project? Contact Major Taylor Project Director, Ed Ewing at or (206)778-4671

Questions concerning giving? Contact Development Director, Tarrell Wright at or (206)240-2235. 

Add a tax deductible donation to the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation
Minimum: $5.00