Commuting resources for employers

Bicycling is good for business and for the bottom line. Cascade has a series of programs and services to make sure that your business is good for bicycling.

The business case for bicycle commuting

Bike commuters can reduce healthcare costs. Employees who bicycle commute are a better value: they are ill less often and make 14 percent fewer claims on their health insurance.

  • Bicycle amenities are inexpensive. For example, a 10-bike rack has a one-time cost of about $1000. A single underground car parking stall costs roughly $30,000 in lifecycle costs to permit, build and maintain.
  • Bicycling is eligible for some tax savings. Employers provide pre-tax benefits to your commuters, a portion of those benefits may be eligible for a B&O tax credit.
  • Bicyclists make great customers. Individual savings among people who travel by bicycle translate to increased purchasing power. In Philadelphia, this savings totals $345,000 per day, a potential boon to local economies. Read Momentum Magazine's article 'Why Businesses Want Bike Riding Customers.' (July 2015)

Bicycling is clearly a smart business strategy. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to improve your business and your bottom line.

Host a Commuter Class

Bicycle education classes are an excellent way to build iknowledge, skills, and confidence among your employees. Cascade offers a variety of customizable classes which include both lecture format and on-the-bike clinics, such as to enjoy a safe bicycle commute. Cascade Bicycle Club classes include:

  • Basics of Bike Commuting
  • Winter Bike Commuting
  • Basic Bike Maintenance
  • Urban Cycling Techniques

All Cascade classes

  • can be customized for suit your worksite Include promotional materials, instructional materials, bike maps and a safety item. (email blurbs, newsletter content, and/or flyers)
  • are taught by professionally licensed instructors who are also seasoned bicycle commuters.

Contact our Classes Coordinator Josh Miller, to schedule a class or discuss how to customize a class to your workplace.

Employee Events

Do you have an upcoming employee transportation, wellness, and/or safety fair? Bike commuting is a natural fit for such events. Cascade Bicycle Club’s trained Bicycle Ambassadors attend such events free of charge. Our Ambassadors are experienced bicyclists who can answer a broad range of general questions about bicycling. For more information, or to request a Bicycle Ambassador for your event, email

Corporate Consulting Services

Cascade staff members are ready to share their expertise to build bicycling at your business.

Consulting services include:

  • Analysis of your organization’s needs.
  • Planning bicycling infrastructure.
  • Customized commute tracking website
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