Endorsements by Year

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About Cascade's Endorsement Process and Election Work

Cascade works to make our election effort transparent and engaging. Cascade’s endorsements go through four steps: (1) application by the candidate; (2) recommendation by the advocacy staff to Cascade’s Legislative & Endorsements Committee; (3) recommendation by the committee to Cascade’s Board of Directors, and (4) discussion and formal adoption of an endorsement slate by the Board of Directors. 

All endorsements are based on the following factors: their stated positions; public record; approachability; viability; and experience. Our endorsements are strictly “bike-partisan” and do not consider a candidate’s political party. 

To be considered, all candidates must submit written answers to a questionnaire. The answers by all candidates will be made publicly available online for our members and voters to review and compare. In addition, we’re encouraging all candidates to submit 30-second videos that we’re publishing online so you can hear directly from them. We’ll also be holding regional candidate forums later this year for our members and the public to attend. For races where Cascade needs to learn more about the candidates, Cascade’s staff and the Legislative & Endorsements Committee holds private in-person interviews with the candidates.

Once Cascade has made its endorsements, the advocacy staff and Legislative & Endorsements Committee assess which candidates to prioritize for additional organizing support and financial assistance through our affiliated Cascade Bike PAC.